TMAGWorks Vision

By re-introducing and expanding a wider exposure and enjoyment of traditional musical lore, idioms, and instruments, we are enriching those treasured cultural assets with fresh energetic new talent. In kind, it’s imperative to revitalize and preserve important musical instruments  ̶  along with their attached historical importance, legends, and legacies from The Continent of Africa, and that these trans-generational genres are not lost into the ether of unrecorded history.


For each new student we sponsor, there are many rewards. By recreating traditional sounds and instruments (in many cases, entirely new to them) and their learning about each instrument  ̶  its unique expressive powers and qualities, historical connections to genres, traditions, regions, and historical events of their countries  ̶  long-treasured musical arts traditions and genres will not be lost, instead becoming cross-connection into the present generation, and for generations to come, inclusive of the communities in the worldwide Diaspora.  

Students will have hands-on workshops to learn the construct of those instruments from original materials available in their communities.  In this way, they will learn the craft of all materials, which they can then carry forward into their respective lives and communities, thus revitalizing their micro-markets.