Christine Komukyeya Kabuzi

Born in Tooro, Uganda, to educators, diplomats, and women’s rights activists, Christine has worked in both the non-profit and corporate worlds in the US and Kenya.

Christine’s early childhood memories are of her mother playing the “Enanga'' and teaching that art to her children, including the children she brought under her umbrella of care. As Omubiitokati of Tooro Kingdom (Princess of Tooro), Christine has always held dear to her heart the rich traditional culture and its importance.

Christine is a graduate of Wellesley College, graduate coursework at Johns Hopkins University-SAIS, as well as participant at the New England Writers’ Conference. She is an author/poet and has recorded and translated Ugandan folklore for children’s literature, as told by elders.

Even though Christine has lived in and travelled to various countries, she has always kept a keen interest in the arts, most especially those of Africa and Africa in the Diaspora.  More so the traditional music of Uganda, and the continent of Africa.