Traditional Music Action Group (TMAGWorks)

TMAGWorks  was formed by recognizing the dire need to reach, teach and revive the younger generations in the art of traditional instruments, history and the traditional stories representative of those instruments and voices from The Continent of Africa, most importantly, preserving  the oral histories/myths/stories that are the foundation of our musicality.  In kind, it’s imperative to revitalize and preserve important musical instruments ̶ along with their attached historical importance, legends, and legacies of The Continent, so that these trans-generational genres are not lost to the ether of unrecorded history.  By reintroducing and expanding wider exposure and enjoyment of ancient musical stories, idioms, and instruments, we are enriching those treasured cultural assets with fresh energetic new talent, and ,at the same time, reconnecting the communities in the Diaspora.

Organizational Structure

We, friends in the Diaspora, North America, and The Continent, formed a small group as the Steering Committee, and a larger group as Advisory Council to address the needs stated above.  

Traditional Music Action Group Ltd. is a registered Non-Profit organization in Maryland, USA, and TMAGWorks is it's registered Trade Name.